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Why I'm running

I'm running to bring new ideas and a real voice to the citizens of Brooksville. (Read More)

What do you want from your City?

What do you want from your City?

What I mean is what do you want from your City and City Council? 

I have some ideas for what I would like to see but the real reason I'm running is to help facilitate yours.


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Who Oversees Police Activity in Brooksville?

Who oversees Police activity within the City of Brooksville?

In June of 2018 the City of Brooksville eliminated the Brooksville Police Department and now contracts with the Hernando County Sheriffs Department to police the City of Brooksville.

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Brooksville City Limits

Have you ever seen the map of the City Limits of Brooksville? I am hoping someone can explain it to me as I can't make any sense of it one way or another.

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One way streets in downtown Brooksville have to go

How do we revitalize downtown Brooksville?  We need to stop talking about it and finally convert Broad Street and Jefferson Street in downtown Brooksville back to two way streets again.

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